Who are Sunke…?

Sunke is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of resistance welding controls. Formed in 1994, following beginnings in Tianjin University, where the current Chairman was the professor of welding, the company started making AC weld controls, and by 1999 was an early adopter of networked control systems, giving automotive companies the ability to centralise control of their welding environment.

Sunke has always been oriented towards the highest levels of quality, in both design and manufacture, and in 2004 gained ISO9001 accreditation from TUV.

Development of Medium Frequency DC (MFDC) systems came in 2006, followed in 2008 by the unique Sunke product, Variable Frequency AC controls. These allow users to gain all the benefits of MFDC while using standard AC transformers. There are substantial energy savings, gains in electrode life and none of the costs of complex DC rectified transformers.

In 2011 the company completed development of adaptive MFD controls, allowing local intelligence gained during the weld to determine the optimum settings for weld strength.

Most recently, in 2018, the V3 weld control was launched. Thius unique syste brings three technologies into one box: AC. MFDC and MFAC. Ons single control can be used anywhere, on any transformer.

In order to further international ambitions, Sunke purchased PW Resistance Welding Products, who have been making weld guns for the automotive industry since 1988, and now provide support services across the EU.

The company is now able to offer a full range of welding controls at automotive industry volumes to the demanding EU and USA markets, with local support. The UK office has design level technical expertise.


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