Frequently Asked Questions

Who are TJ Sunke?

The leading resistance welding control manufacturer in China, Sunke supplies all major local automotive companies, as well as most European and USA joint ventures within China.

  • Sunke also has large users in Korea, including Hyundai, with over 1,000 installed units.
  • Sunke leads the world in weld technology, with MFDC, MFAC, Adaptive controls and the latest V3 control.
  • Sunke is represented in Europe by PWRWP in Bicester
Why is MFAC good for welding aluminium?

For welding aluminium, very high currents and short, controllable weld times are necessary. MFDC allows DC current to be used. This has a faster heating effect than AC and delivers the energy quicker. This is crucial, as aluminium is thermally very conductive, and heat dissipates rapidly.

How do I weld with long arms and a deep throated spot welder?

With a traditional AC welder, power will drop off as steel is introduced into the throat of the welder, due to magnetic losses. This can be compensated for with the use of a control with “constant current” facilities, where a target current is programmed and each weld performed at this setting.

With MFDC welding, as the current is DC there is little magnetic loss, and stable weld current can more easily be maintained.